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We know that it’s crucial to be prepared to recover your data should the worst happen. 

One of the most valuable assets to a business is its data. Keeping that safe is key. Could you maintain business as usual in the face of disruption? Scott Aerospace did when their business continuity plan was put to the test.  

Scott Aerospace specialises in the design and manufacture of Ground Support Equipment, Tooling, and Components for the Aerospace, Nuclear, Defence, and Water Industries.

They approached Cedar Bay when they felt that they had issues with business continuity. Previously using tape, they felt that they were leaving themselves vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Working with our experts to understand their requirements, we were able to offer a fully proactive managed service.  

Their business continuity plan proved vital when the Scott Aerospace team received an email that upon the surface looked like something that they were expecting. So, they no reason to be suspicious. However, upon opening the link something unusual began to happen. Files suddenly started to disappear, and it was clear something was wrong. Whilst it may make for an elaborate story to say things spiralled out of control from here, the reality was much simpler.  

Calling our team to alert us of what was happening meant that servers could be shut down instantly to prevent any spread of infection. Restoring work from the previous backup resulted in the loss of just fifteen minutes of work. Everything returned to normal. No data was lost, and operations proceeded. 

For Scott Aerospace, they know that their data is their business and the loss of that data would have been catastrophic.

They recognise the value of their data and are committed to keeping it safe and with the help of our expert team they remain confident that they are protected. Scott Aerospace was not hit with a cyber-attack because they were careless. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated with their methods and smarter with how they hit businesses. Any company is at risk. What differentiated Scott Aerospace was how they were able to react. When asked if he had any advice for other companies, Johnathon Anstee, Managing Director of Scott Aerospace, said “Yes. Make sure your Disaster Recovery plan is in place and tested… I’m sure in many cases it is the big drama that you imagine- but for us, it was a small blip and then it’s business as usual.” 

Business continuity means no business downtime, even in the event of a disaster. How would you continue to operate without your IT systems? Are you confident that all your data is backed up and you could restore operations within a short time frame? Most businesses today rely heavily on their IT systems for day to day activities and having to halt operations can add to the disaster.  

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business stay protected, get in touch via the contact us button. We can work together to define a custom plan and make recommendations based on your unique business needs and goals.