We work closely with Zebra Technologies as we believe they have one of the most competitive ranges of devices available, all designed to help you take service and performance to the next level in the toughest environments.

These are our top 5 recommendations that can really make a difference to the effectiveness of your business.

1. TC72

The TC72 Android touch computer gives workers everything they need to achieve peak efficiency, with trouble-free reliability. A smartphone experience for maximum simplicity.

  •      15 hours of constant use with the largest battery capacity of its class
  •      Reduce your upgrade costs, as you can keep on using the TC7 Series accessories you already own
  •      The capacitive touch panel works in all weather and is even visible in bright sunlight

Tc72 Zebra Hardware@2x

2. TC8300

Building on the successful TC8000, the TC8300 offers gains in productivity and usability, with the familiar Android interface making training easier than ever.

  •      Increase productivity by 14% with the revolutionary ergonomic design and scan angle reducing wrist motion by 55% and muscle effort by 15%
  •      With five scan engine options and industry-first hands-free proximity scanning in a handheld device that automatically triggers scanning
  •      Runs for three consecutive shifts without needing to charge the battery

Tc8300 Zebra Harware@2x

3. XPAD L10

A tablet with a rigid-handle and built-in barcode reader option, this durable tablet is the perfect solution for working on the move in any kind of environment.

  •      The light and portable design provides you with the best carrying and scanning capabilities
  •      Wireless download speeds are 600% faster, and 300% faster on upload, than previous Zebra 10” tablets
  •      Can withstand 6ft drops, extreme temperatures, dust and moisture, constant vibration, oils and grease, and other common on-the-job hazards.

Xpad 10 Zebra Hardware@2x

4. ZT410 Printer

The ZT410 Series printers are rugged and loaded with a standard set of advanced features, with a simple interface ensuring optimum ease of use and intuitive operation.

  •      The set-up is easy, simply plug it in and use Zebra’s free Android or Microsoft Printer Setup
  •      Durable design makes printing anywhere possible
  •      Simple operation and quick label change possibilities, allows operations to run smoothly

Zt410 Zebra Hardware@2x

5. ZD420 Printer

The intuitive interface and wireless connectivity options, make this printer easy to use, deploy and manage. Fast, high-quality printing that keeps your business moving.

  •      Cordless operation, with a removable desktop battery allowing for easy transport
  •      A three-button interface, with five LED status icons, replacing the single button/light that is common in desktop printers, see what’s needed to get your printer back up and running
  •      Upgradable to meet changing needs; new features can be added such as a peeler or cutter, without having to send your printer in for a service

Zd420 Group Zebra Hardware@2x

If you’d like to find out more about how technology can help transform the effectiveness of your operations, get in touch today via the contact us here button. We can help you learn more about the possibilities and opportunities technology can bring to your business.