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Arcwide acquires Cedar Bay’s IFS division.


We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Cedar Bay’s IFS operations in the UK and USA by Arcwide, the joint venture of BearingPoint and IFS dedicated to the deployment of IFS Cloud services.


All Cedar Bay’s IFS business in the U.K. and the U.S. will be provided by Arcwide moving foorwards.


To discover how Arcwide can help you accelerate your journey to success, get in touch.


Rest assured, this move enhances our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and the ethos between the two combined businesses will be one of customer focus and employee excellence.

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How can you differentiate yourself as a business?


How can you keep up with the competition in an increasingly challenging marketplace?


As an IFS Platinum Channel Partner, we’re able to help you implement, optimise and support your IFS solution. Helping you achieve your perfect Moment Of Service, IFS Cloud provides an easier path to digitalisation. You can better leverage your solution to help provide real-time data and connect your business areas.


With full flexibility, scalability and increased customisation, IFS can help you manage even the most complex of operations.

Not ready to take the next step to IFS Cloud? If you’re operating on an older version of IFS, we can still help support and optimise your solution. Learn more here.


Discover IFS Cloud.

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The Benefits of IFS Cloud

Functionality designed for you

The IFS solution gives you one single user experience, covering multiple capabilities across your business. In just one solution you’ll have access to the best functionality across Finance, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, and more.

The same product, wherever you deploy

Built in the cloud, but always flexible. You can deploy your IFS solution however you choose, but whatever choice you make you’ll receive the same functionality, with no compromises or restrictions. It’s yours to make your own.

A responsive user experience

IFS Cloud’s browser based Aurena is responsive, adapting to how you choose to work. Whether you’re working on a large monitor, phone or tablet, you know you’ll get the same experience.

IFS Cloud from Cedar Bay

The latest solution from IFS has been built to help you better empower your employees, whilst helping provide excellent customer service. By releasing new features twice a year, you can be confident that you are always making best use of the latest capabilities and functions, allowing you to keep up with new challenges proactively.


As an IFS Platinum Channel Partner, we can help you implement, support and optimise your IFS solution, giving you peace of mind. We work with you to ensure that your platform is tailored to your business and your goals. We will use our industry expertise to ensure you make the most of the solution.


Find out more about IFS services with Cedar Bay here.

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Are you ready to reap the benefits of IFS Cloud?

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of IFS Cloud for your business and how it can help you to keep up with the competition on the path to digitalisation and enjoy sustainable success, contact Cedar Bay today to find out more.


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