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Paperless Manufacturing

Did you catch our Paperless Manufacturing webinar? Paperless manufacturing is a key objective for World Class Manufacturing organisations. It’s no secret that the use of paper is declining in our daily lives, but what about in the manufacturing environment? The cost benefits associated with working in a paper-based environment are quickly making paper obsolete. This […]

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The world of digital disruption

Written by Jason Peachey, Project Manager Digital disruption and digital transformation. These terms are often interchanged, but what do they mean? What is digital disruption? Disruption or a disruptor simply put is a “game-changer”. It can relate to a company or a technology that changes the playing field so much that it can never go […]

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100 days in lockdown

100 days in, how has our view on the world changed? A message from our CEO and Founder, Roger Teagle The entire world has faced restrictions amid the global pandemic, with restrictions impacting both our North American and UK offices. We’ve reached the 100 days of lockdown in the UK, and I think we’ve seen […]

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Using IFS Finance for Strategies in Sales and Marketing

Written by David Wouldham, Finance Consultant How often is it that the Sales and Marketing department introduce a new rebate, promotion or other marketing campaign that creates a challenge for Finance? Finance may only be made aware of this very late in the process when a customer queries an invoice, an invoice is short-paid, or […]

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Webinar round-up: IFS User Group Summer Conference

Every year we look forward to the IFS UK&I User Group Event and this year’s Summer Conference was no different! As many of you know, last month members of the IFS User Group hosted a series of webinars. These covered a vast range of topics and aimed to encourage conversations within the community. Our business […]


Cedar Bay has gone for Gold!

We are now IFS Gold Channel Partners! Over the last 10 years we have developed our relationship with IFS to become one of the foremost partners in our space. Being awarded the IFS Gold Channel Partner status demonstrates the success of this partnership and recognises the commitment that both parties have made, reflecting our capability […]

Cedar Bay IFS Gold Channel Partner

Introducing the new Cedar Bay!

It’s been 10 years since we started working with our first IFS customer. A lot has changed since then… including us. Introducing the new Cedar Bay! We started off specialising in mobile data collection and hardware that supports our software. As we developed, our customers asked us to provide help in many more areas of […]

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Transforming Sunflex’s IT Infrastructure

Who are Sunflex? With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, Sunflex supply well known UK outlets and retail groups including Dunelm, John Lewis and Homebase. Picking and packing orders in their warehouse in Cannock, the Sunflex team work to fill our homes with creative and dynamic solutions. What challenges were Sunflex facing? Sunflex were […]

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The power of cloud technology

The term ‘cloud’ or ‘the cloud’ float around a lot. But not everyone knows what the cloud really is, or what it does for businesses. The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer and although the cloud is far from new technology, its true capabilities […]

charIOT delivers with Heaven Hill

THE CHALLENGES By 2010, there were more devices connected to the internet than people in the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created the potential to achieve massive savings for businesses and manufacturers and at the same time, Industry 4.0 is tying individual technologies into a cohesive whole, collecting and formatting the massive amounts […]

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