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Arcwide acquires Cedar Bay’s IFS division.


We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Cedar Bay’s IFS operations in the UK and USA by Arcwide, the joint venture of BearingPoint and IFS dedicated to the deployment of IFS Cloud services.


All Cedar Bay’s IFS business in the U.K. and the U.S. will be provided by Arcwide moving foorwards.


To discover how Arcwide can help you accelerate your journey to success, get in touch.


Rest assured, this move enhances our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and the ethos between the two combined businesses will be one of customer focus and employee excellence.

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Training to empower your users

In initial ERP implementations, and as part of the on-going empowerment of employees, training programs are vital. Often, over time your business will experience a dilution of knowledge, as those initially involved in the implementation move away from their roles. This can mean that your team’s understanding of their solution can reduce over time. It’s vital that you maintain a depth of knowledge across the business, allowing your team to more self-reliant and optimise the use of your platform. By empowering your teams with training, you provide them with the tools they need to excel in their role.

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Whether you require training on all aspects of the solution to support a new roll-out, or specific training for a new user, our Account Managers can work with you to design courses that meet your needs. E-learning opportunities are growing, helping your users learn at their own pace and from anywhere. We can guide to on how to make the most out of online content, whether you’re part of the implementation team, or a systems user, we can ensure you find the right learning path to help you succeed.

Have new people joining the company or need to train an employee in a new area?


Cedar Bay now offer a range of standard IFS training courses to get your team up to speed and making the most of IFS. These courses are hosted by our experienced consultants on site with you, or at our office.


The courses you can choose include the following:

IFS Fundamentals


Supply Chain

Sales, procurement, inventory



Shop orders, MRP, Project MRP, material planning, shop floor workbench



Basic accounting, A/P, A/R, financial analysis, fixed assets, project accounting



Lobby development, quick reports, crystal reporting, data migration

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