Why Acumatica?

Everything you need and more

The scalability, adaptability and reliability Acumatica offers makes it the perfect choice for any business. Allowing you to put your customers first, support remote working and improve your overall visibility, the world’s fastest growing cloud ERP gives you everything you need and more. A fully integrated business management solution with Industry Editions, ensuring you get what’s most suitable for your business.


Through partnering with Cedar Bay you gain access to a team of industry experts with long standing experience of implementing business management solutions to ensure you’re in the perfect position to excel and make the most out of Acumatica.

Cedar Bay Acumatica Growth

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Benefits to help you suceed

  • Sophisticated business and industry functionality
  • Performance that you need
  • Accessible where your workers are
  • Unique pricing for growth
  • Reduced costs with SaaS
  • Portable deployment options

Acumatica: licensing that supports your growth

Unique pricing for growth, consumption based pricing that can be flexed up AND down

You have the freedom to add users without buying additional licenses

SaaS helps drive down maintenance costs with a monthly subscription model

You’re in control

With a significant level of self-sufficiency available through the Acumatica online portal, you have access to self-help assets, collateral and the knowledge base, giving you peace of mind.

Flexibility and Security

As a cloud based solution, you benefit from the high level of security and flexibility that a cloud platform provides. Modern technology that rewards you.

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