At Cedar Bay, we believe that your ERP implementation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With our experience and proven methodology, we can guide you through from kick-off to go live and beyond.

If you make sure to stick to some simple guidelines, you can ensure that your IFS Application implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Make sure management is on board.

Support from the entire organisation is critical. With complete support and commitment of the full management team, they can help communicate the project to individual teams. As a result of gaining full support you can be confident that everyone understands the implementation process.

Have realistic time and resources expectations.

Full understanding of the resources that an ERP implementation consumes is important to organising the entire project. Understanding the overall cost of the implementation. as well as the time that is required to both implement and adjust to the new system, is vital in the overall success.


Ensuring that you have a clear communication strategy throughout your business is a vital step in the process. This should include all stakeholders, if important for full engagement of the implementation. Regular updates allow for people to understand what is happening. Above all, by ensuring you have this in place you can help to elevate any concerns and encouraging engagement in the process.

Keep up with milestones.

Set achievable goals and milestones and keep to them. One reason that companies fall behind schedule in the implementation phase is the failure to keep to deadlines. Each milestone marks a critical point in the implementation process. Keeping track of each milestone is important because any delays in the schedule can be difficult to make up.

Set Business Goals / Benefits for the project

Make sure that the goals you set are well-defined and measurable. For example, simple metrics, like a win rate, utilisation rate, and the project profit margin will allow you to track your success over time. Making sure you assemble an ERP implementation committee who can help ensure the goals are kept as the objective of the project.

Training, training, training

Often when implementing ERP systems, the solution is far greater than just software.This often goes hand in hand with Business Process Change (BPC). Even if your ERP system is implemented perfectly, the real benefits will not be realised until your employees know how to use it properly. In addition to training employees according to their specific role, it’s important to train multiple employees on every aspect of the system. This way you can be confident that you have the knowledge there.

Our expert team are always on hand to discuss the implementation process. Whether you want to find out more about how to deal with an implementation, or your currently looking to implement IFS Applications, or Acumatica Cloud ERP, we can help you. Get in touch via