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Traceability. Sustainability. Visibility. Flexibility. We hear these topics mentioned every single day, but what do they really mean for businesses like ours? How do you tackle the challenges they bring, with ease and determination?


IFS Cloud, brought to you by Cedar Bay, gives you the platform you need to bring your business together and face the future head on.

Our team of experts have years of experience helping businesses like yours on their digital transformation journey. Take a look at our video case study with KLN Family Brands, to see how we have partnered with them to support their success.


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How do you make traceability come alive within your business? Traceability comes into play in two ways: consumer demand for visibility and increasing regulations and recalls.


IFS delivers traceability at a very granular level, giving you the ability to trace a product through its processes from field to fork, should a product face a recall you know you’re in a position to work quickly and accurately.


A more transparent supply chain also supports the growing consumer demand for greater visibility into where their products come from and where they’ve been.

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How do you get there? No longer just a societal pressure from a select few, sustainability is now a societal, economical and government pressure coming from all angles.


IFS Cloud can assist with waste reduction and inventory management, ensuring your operations are having as little impact on the world around you as possible, whilst still providing you customer base with the products they desire.


Sustainability is no longer just a CSR move, it’s a vital consideration for success.

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First Milk is a wholly British farmer-owned dairy co-operative with creameries based in the Lake District and South West Wales. The company produces award-winning cheddar, regional cheeses, dairy ingredients, and market fresh milk through collaborative milk sourcing and supply chain management services.

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IFS Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of your supply chain and manufacturing processes. Offering you the broad scope, deep functionality and configuration you desire to meet your challenges. With features made to fit your industries needs, you’re ready to tackle the future head on. Features include: advanced demand planning and forecasting, forward and backward traceability with shelf-life and expiry control, trade management, integrated HACCP and quality control.

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