KLN Family Brands are a pet food and confectionery manufacturer based in the United States. Through partnering with Cedar Bay they have been able to benefit from data capture technologies, with CB Apps, charIOT and Transaction Builder.

Watch the video case study below to understand more about their journey with Cedar Bay’s Transaction Builder and to uncover what they’ve been able to achieve through our partnership.


Transaction Builder and CB Apps at KLN

Innovation is key in KLN’s world and innovation demands quick response times and fast implementation. KLN had leveraged IFS Applications to help improve efficiencies and support their growth, but upon further expansion it soon became clear that KLN was expanding at a rate that could no longer be supported by their current Warehouse Management System (WMS). So, with the help of Cedar Bay’s Transaction Builder, KLN have not only seen great cost savings, but have been able to support their innovation and growth.

What is Transaction Builder?

Transaction Builder acts as an extension of our Data Capture solution, CB Apps, giving you the ability to tailor it to your needs. You can benefit from introducing non-standard transactions, which are all managed and maintained using your in-house skill set, resulting in a solution that is truly configured to your business needs.

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About KLN

Whether you’re after a sweet or savoury snack, or the best pet foods for your furry friends, KLN Family Brands has got you covered. KLN Family Brands, nestled in the heart of Perham, Minnesota, is comprised of Tuffy’s Pet Foods, owners of NutriSource, Tuffy’s Pet Treats, and Kenny’s Candy & Confections. Tuffy’s Pet Foods proudly produces quality food for our pets, whilst KLN’s newest edition Tuffy’s Pet Treats manufacturers both canned pet food and semi-moist dog and cat treats. Kenny’s Candy & Confections provides something a little sweeter, manufacturing confectionary products, including big brand names like Wiley Wallaby and Sweet Chaos.