The food and beverage industry is evolving at a rapid rate. The evolution within the industry is leading to new business challenges and a growing need to be more competitive than ever. Growth within the industry demands solutions that can scale as your business develops. As food and beverage production grows and becomes more complex, the systems that perhaps once served you well, may not support your expansion plans. When dealing with extensive amounts of raw materials and finished goods throughout your operations, it’s vitally important that you’re able to continue to manage your processes and production – even at larger volumes.

With growth comes more orders to fulfill, resulting in efficiency being ever more important to your success. Digital transformation is the key to unlocking the ability to effectively reduce manual methods and facilitating the move towards a more automated means of managing your production processes and storing data for enhanced decision making.

What role does an ERP play?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that can scale with your business and your changing needs is key to supporting growth and achieving your core business aims both now, and in the future. There is a real need for technology within manufacturing operations to not only help business run more efficiently, but support the dynamic environments in which they operate.

If you aren’t supported by an ERP solution, or your current ERP solution is no longer supporting your business – here is some things to think about…

ERP solutions are a form of management tool that allow businesses to optimise their operations. They provide an all-encompassing look at how a company is performing throughout the business, all in real-time. An ERP system can help food and beverage companies manage their processes from purchasing, accounting, finance, HR and even through to production and shipping. ERP solutions within the food and beverage industry can help organisations deal with shifting consumer demands. Whilst also helping take advantage of new technologies, driving innovation and increasing competitiveness.

By gaining a holistic view of your operations you can identify areas where spend could be reduced, but also where spend might need to be increased to help successfully support your growth strategy. Many organisations see a reduction in operating costs by implementing an ERP solution.

Here are some ways in which an ERP solution can support your growth by allowing you to deal with challenges as you expand.

Supply Chain Visibility

Your supply chain is the core of your food and beverage organisation, so it’s vital that it operates smoothly.  Nothing stunts growth potential like a shortage of ingredients or delays in receiving raw materials. You need to have the confidence that your deliveries will be received on time, to keep up with growing levels of demand. ERP solutions give you a greater insight and control over your supply chain, gaining visibility into your suppliers, production lines and orders, to make sure you always stay on top.

Optimisation of Operations

For optimal performance it is important that you can increase efficiency of all your operations. With an ERP solution you can reduce manual labour, increase productivity, improve collaboration amongst teams and have greater visibility of real-time data. All of this can work towards helping you maximise your operations and optimise your workforce.

Inventory Management

Strong inventory management is a key functional area within the industry. By gaining a greater level of visibility into your inventory you can make more informed decisions about stock levels and ensure that you are responding to increase customer demands and changing tastes, whilst also monitoring waste levels throughout your product process.

How can Cedar Bay partner with you for growth?

Here at Cedar Bay we have years of experience working closely with customers in the food and beverage industry. We understand the way in which you operate and solutions that work for your industry. Our experience means that we appreciate the importance of scalability within your environment, therefore we ensure we offer solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your needs. By partnering with Cedar Bay you will gain greater insights, real-time data and the reliability that you deserve. Wherever you are on your growth journey, we can help. Whether you’re a medium organisation looking for Acumatica Cloud, or a large organisation on the journey to IFS Cloud, we have a solution for you.