Why Acumatica might be your next step…

How well do your current solutions support you? Do you have control over all of your business data? Can you review all this data with ease, all in one place? If you’re starting to feel like your current solutions aren’t providing you with the information and support your business needs, it could be time to explore your options. It’s likely that the business has grown since you first implemented any of your solutions, but how do you expect your business to continue to grow with a solution designed for completely different business goals?

Opting for a solution that can support your current business needs, but also prepare you for anticipated growth, can put you ahead of your competition. Get better control over your data and have access to real-time information that can better support your decision making and aid your success.


Acumatica Cloud ERP, brought to you by Cedar Bay, gives you the platform you need to bring your business together and face the future head on.


Face the future with modern technology, designed for the demands of today.

Acumatica Cloud Erp

Learn about Starplan’s journey to selecting Acumatica

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Risks of sticking with with your solution?

Sticking with systems that don’t support your needs doesn’t only stunt your growth, as you rely on systems that no longer support today’s challenges, but there are other risks that could compromise your business. Older systems, particularly when unsupported, are likely to have many more vulnerabilities in their security – putting your business at risk. Without support teams keeping you going, not only do you face potential security breaches, but also a lack of help when you need it.

Demand Planning

What’s different about Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Access from anywhere

With a fully mobile solution, your users can be instantly up and running, wherever they’re based and whenever they need to work.


High Value

Unlimited users with no increased expense; no software installation; no maintenance or management fees; no hardware or device upgrades required.


Flexible pricing and deployment

Acumatica in-house or in a private or public cloud; deployment and pricing options designed to ensure mid-market success.

How can the right ERP help you grow?

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We know that opting for a new platform can be a difficult decision, but with productivity and efficiency key in today’s business world, it’s important to consider your options. Here at Cedar Bay we have years of experience helping businesses in a variety of industries on their digital transformation journeys. Discover more about Cedar Bay here.


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