Why did our team here at Cedar Bay choose to become an Acumatica Partner? And why has Acumatica risen through the ranks to become a leader in their field?

Whilst it can be useful to learn from videos and feature lists, sometimes you want to hear from real people about real experiences, how will your systems actually perform on a day-to-day basis? That’s where groups like Gartner become important.

Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, says Acumatica is well-aligned with Gartner’s vision of Postmodern ERP.

Their reports have highlighted how Acumatica users have seen improvements from the solution. From improving business efficiency, through to benefiting from the flexible pricing structure, Acumatica customers have seen real value from selecting the platform.

Gartner analysts have further applauded Acumatica for their strong partner strategy, alongside their digital technology roadmap and their product capabilities, proving that Acumatica truly is solution designed with customers in mind.

Explore the report here.

Why we’ve become an Acumatica Partner

With such a strong reputation and the perfect level of functionality for small to medium sized businesses, Cedar Bay and Acumatica have come together to combine expertise with a highly functional solution to give customers exactly what they need.

With Acumatica software in place, you have a high level of control, with access to the online portal so you can review assets and collateral for greater peace of mind. Plus, as a highly flexible and secure cloud-based technology, you don’t have to worry about security risks.

Roger Teagle, CEO & Founder of Cedar Bay, is joined by Sanket Akerkar, Chief Revenue Officer at Acumatica, to discuss our partnership and why we think we’re the right fit. Check out the video below to see what they have to say.

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Helping you grow

As a leading provider of cloud business management software for mid-sized companies, Acumatica provides a complete, real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere, with a customer-first approach that can help you succeed. With a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model that lowers maintenance costs and the freedom to add users without additional costs, Acumatica supports your business at every level, allowing you to scale up as needed.

With Acumatica solutions in place, you can be confident that your business is in the best position to grow and that you’ll be supported every step of the way. We share this customer-centric approach and both aim to support our customers in the new digital world and are proud to be partners.

Ready to reap the Acumatica benefits for your business?

As Acumatica International Partner of the Year 2023, our team has a wealth of knowledge of how Acumatica can improve and scale your business. We have years of experience implementing ERP software solutions that increase traceability and visibility for our client’s business operations, enhancing their return on investment.

We provide fully integrated ERP solutions tailored to the needs of your business that’s available wherever your people are, on any device, so you can work from anywhere in the world. Partnering with Cedar Bay gives you access to a team of dedicated industry professionals who will work seamlessly with your team to help you get the most out of Acumatica software.

If you have any questions about Acumatica’s Business Management Solution or if you’d like to request a demo, get in touch with our team today.