Thinking about Upgrading to CB Apps 4?

Cedar Bay Apps 4 has a completely new look and feel. The fresh design and the easy to navigate suite of mobile transactions makes the application simple to use for anyone, anywhere they need to. Our team has worked closely with customers to understand what benefits CB Apps can bring them. Our solution can support all versions of IFS Applications, with over 100 out of the box transactions, helping you become more efficient. The power of the possible has really been delivered.

What is CB Apps?

If you’re new to CB Apps completely, then this is our highly configurable suite of mobile transactions which allow operators to execute simplified IFS transactions on handheld or static devices in real time. For our current CB Apps 3 customers, the move to Apps 4 is simple. There is back-compatibility with CB Apps 3, therefore transactions can work seamlessly within the new environment. Data Collection software can help with improving efficiencies in warehouse and production processes through improving simplicity, speed and accuracy. The value of our Data Collection solutions can be seen with:

  •    Simplifying data entry
  •    Removal of manual processes and reduced human error
  •    Enablement of new processes (e.g quality control plans on device)
  •    Reduced labour costs

Why should you be upgrading to CB Apps 4?

New functionalities within CB Apps 4: we’ve made administration simpler and easier to use, improving your efficiency and understanding. You can set up configuration users, so you have the power to choose which parts of the system different teams have access to, putting you in control.

Improved navigation: the new modern user interface provides much smoother routes through the system. This makes it easier to understand for new users, making the training process much simpler, whilst also saving time and alleviating the potential of human error.

Improved security: you can set up user profiles and control access to different parts of the configuration dashboard, eradicating mistakes and improving security. With advanced logging giving you ability to track users through the dashboard.

All new Apps Client: with over 100 settings including font sizing, spacing, colours and watermarks, you now have the power to adjust the settings to suit your corporate branding, making it truly your own.

Personalisation of sub-projects: the creation of sub-projects is available for ease of maintenance. This is particularly useful for companies with multiple sites or different business units. User specific configuration allows for user specific menus, either singularly, or within departments, making sure that CB Apps is moulded to your requirements.

Are you ready to upgrade?

CB Apps 4 has been an exciting project and those who have upgraded have seen vast improvements in their operations. We’re excited to see the power of technology and how it can help our customers and their businesses. Whether you’re completely new to CB Apps or you’re interested in an upgrade, we’re here to help you leverage the value of Data Collection Software. If you’d like to find out more about CB Apps 4, why not get in touch today and talk with one of our experts.