Who are Sunflex?

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, Sunflex supply well known UK outlets and retail groups including Dunelm, John Lewis and Homebase. Picking and packing orders in their warehouse in Cannock, the Sunflex team work to fill our homes with creative and dynamic solutions.

What challenges were Sunflex facing?

Sunflex were experiencing issues with their IT infrastructure. Without a flexible and stable solution, Sunflex were struggling to run IFS Applications™ and felt that they were leaving themselves at risk. Severe performance issues caused by the system database going offline during critical periods meant that costs were increasing due to adding extra resilience to the IT platform, and the level of service was suffering. This unexpected downtime was impacting the output from their warehouse and hindering customer satisfaction. In attempts to solve their ongoing issues, management found their personal lives impacted, dealing with out of hours calls and the growing requirement for extra support around the clock.

The solution: hybrid solution and ongoing support

Considering their challenges, Sunflex approached Cedar Bay to help them develop a secure platform to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction was achieved. The project focused on improving the stability, flexibility and the level of service that Sunflex was able to offer. Working together with Sunflex, the Cedar Bay team were able to ensure that all levels of the project reflected the needs of the company.

The team created:

  •    A detailed cost analysis to underpin which solution provided the best outcomes
  •    A technology matrix for the project plan
  •    A business matrix to highlight costs and levels of service

Through Reverse Engineering, transforming Sunflex’s infrastructure from an entire hosted solution to a modern and flexible hybrid solution, provided the company with the flexible and scalable solution that they needed. A simplified, yet complete support package was created to alleviate the pressure on management. This support package covers everything from IFS Applications, through to all the required assistance with infrastructure including email, security, servers, backup and network, and even 24/7 proactive monitoring of Oracle.

The results

  •    No business downtime during migration
  •    Total project delivered against the initial project scope
  •    Improved infrastructure stability, removing the pressure on management
  •    A flexible solution to continually support Sunflex as they grow
  •    Improved performance of legacy systems and IFS

Sunflex are excited for what the future holds now that they have the power of a secure and flexible IT infrastructure to help them on their journey.

We can ensure that your business has an IT infrastructure that can help you adapt and provide the best service to your customers. If you want to support your organisation and employees with a reliable and flexible solution, get in touch via the contact us button today.