The term ‘cloud’ or ‘the cloud’ float around a lot. But not everyone knows what the cloud really is, or what it does for businesses. The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer and although the cloud is far from new technology, its true capabilities are only just being utilised by companies across the globe. The cloud is more than just a form of technology, but it’s the force that can elevate your team- driving innovation and supporting organisational change.

Why turn to the cloud?

1. Flexibility and Scalability

The cloud becomes truly powerful when you experience change within your business. Whether you need to scale up or down, you no longer have the long-term commitment to infrastructure costs, alleviating the pressure that change can bring.

2. Collaboration and Innovation

You gain the ability to connect with your team and your customers from anywhere, at any time. Empowering your employees to be able to collaborate can help generate an environment for growth and innovation, inspiring an adaptable business setting.

3. Business Continuity and Increased Security

We can help with the creation of disaster planning and help you utilise the cloud to increase your data security and protect you in the event of a disaster. The cloud is crucial to business continuity. Storing data on the cloud protects your information. You’re always in control of your data, with remote access whenever required.

4. Stay Connected

Cloud computing lets you access information from any device. If your teams travel to different sites, maybe even to different countries, or perhaps they work from home, cloud computing brings a secure way to access information from any location, connecting your teams with ease.

4. Corona Virus – The new normal

During the global pandemic, we have experienced a shift in the way we work, with many of us working from home. The flexibility and security that the cloud can bring support us through these unexpected changes. Many people had to suddenly connect to the server in the office and open their security as a short-term fix to enable connectivity, this will create issues as we move forward. Therefore, being prepared with a secure cloud platform lets you adapt to these changes smoothly and safely.

5. End-user control

Along with the new normal comes the added complexity of people using multiple devices from multiple locations, this is a massive security concern for companies with little or no control over the information or security of these devices. Imagine if you could send a “device” on a USB stick or download which is then the terminal to all of your business applications through a Windows 10 desktop – totally managed in the cloud, totally secure and totally reliable – this is the true power of the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can save you time and money, through boosting productivity, encouraging collaboration, and promoting innovation. What sounds easier than being able to access information from anywhere with any device? We believe in helping you harness the power and flexibility that the cloud delivers. Whether it’s a complete cloud migration or a hybrid solution, we can work together to create a solution that works for you.

We know that every organisation has its own strategy. That’s why we work closely with you to find the best cloud platforms to support you on your journey. Rather than suggesting just one vendor, we explore the possibilities for your business, to make sure the solution suits your needs. Talk to our team about how the cloud can support you now and into the future, get in touch via the contact us button, and harness the power of the cloud today.