Cedar Bay have welcomed Jones Food Company to the IFS community. On their way to implementing IFS Cloud to support their anticipated growth, Jones Food Company are utilising modern ERP to help them on their journey.

Jones Food Company have a vision for the future. They’re taking a farming approach that doesn’t require vast spaces of land and acres of rolling hills. Welcome to the future of farming, where fresh produce is grown inside, all year round.

Jones Food Company (JFC) builds world-scale vertical farms, growing the freshest produce in a sustainable way in order to feed our future locally and affordably.

Post COP26 all attention has been drawn to sustainability. How can different industries do their bit to look after the environment? What can the farming industry do to help protect the planet for future generations?

Vertical farming has the potential to play an integral role in producing food in a sustainable, consistent way. With zero pesticides, 95% less water and a year-round harvest, vertical farming offers a sustainable approach for the future.

With land becoming a scarce resource in the UK, increasing farming potential becomes difficult. Yet, that barrier is removed when you move that production inside. Food mileage isn’t only a sustainability concern, but a consumer demand. When you transport an item from remote farms, or internationally, your road miles and air miles soon add up. Vertical farming offers the chance to grow closer to cities and towns, shorting supply chains significantly.

Further showcasing vertical farming and it’s sustainable nature, Jones Food Company rely on renewable power. Vertical farms can utilise renewable energy to grow crops, currently JFC1 uses solar energy to provide ~15% of it’s power requirements – to be 100% in the near future.

Jones Food Company have strong predictions for the future, predicting that up to 70% of the UK’s fresh produce could be met by vertical farming in the next ten years. This is a true step into a sustainable approach that has strong potential to change the way in which we eat. A healthier, more sustainable diet lies ahead.

Technology is key to supporting manufacturing and produce companies as they tackle sustainability. Jones Food Company have partnered with Cedar Bay to implement IFS Cloud. IFS Cloud will support Jones Food Company on their growth journey, as they develop more vertical farms across the UK and strive to increase the level of vertical farming that the UK has to offer.