The Cedar Bay team recently supported a technical upgrade from IFS Applications 7.5 to IFS Cloud, the latest version of IFS, for a customer that operates in the advanced ceramic components industry.

As a growing organisation, the customer recognised the need to have a modern ERP solution that supported their current business needs and anticipated growth. Their IFS Applications 7.5 solution was heavily customised, with several bespoke amendments. They recognised the need for a modern platform to support their current business needs.

The IFS Cloud project was successfully completed under budget. The team is excited to see the improved productivity and efficiency provided by IFS Cloud. As an easy to use and simple to tailor platform, the solution will continue to support the business as they develop further. Jo Rosser, Sales Manager at Cedar Bay, commented on the project, ‚ÄúCedar Bay are really proud to have been involved in one of the first IFS Cloud projects, it‚Äôs been a great team effort from all those involved upgrading the client to IFS Cloud.‚ÄĚ

We’re really excited for the first IFS Cloud go-live. The team here are looking forward to seeing more customers implement and upgrade to IFS Cloud.

About Cedar Bay

Cedar Bay is an IFS Gold Channel Partner, with years of experience implementing large scale ERP solutions. Las asociaciones a largo plazo con nuestros clientes son fundamentales para nuestro negocio. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and your specific needs and objectives to deliver the right solution to your business efficiently. Cedar Bay’s services and products help customers overcome challenges or limitations their business may be facing.

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