Equipo directivo

Nuestro equipo de liderazgo está formado por personas dedicadas, centradas y con experiencia, que combinan sus conocimientos para ayudar a dar forma a su negocio. Con el espíritu de Cedar Bay centrado en el desarrollo de nuestra gente, el equipo de liderazgo trabaja duro para apoyar a todos nuestros empleados, mientras que siempre se esfuerza por añadir valor a su negocio.

Roger Teagle

CEO and Founder


I founded Cedar Bay to initially provide IFS customers with Data Capture solutions, to streamline and error-proof their manufacturing and inventory processes. My career has been heavily focused on delivering ERP solutions and adding value to customer’s businesses. As Cedar Bay has developed, we have been able to extend the reach to become a global business. I will continue to develop our business into the leading global mid-market IFS partner that provides all aspects of IFS supporting services for our customers.

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We are always looking for individuals, experienced in IFS software, to join our growing team. As a fast growing IFS Partner, if you think this is an opportunity that suits you, get in touch today.

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