Software that can help your employees become 18% more productive would be a game changer for most businesses who are trying to grow whilst managing their costs.

Industries are trying to solve their innovation challenges in the disruptive technology era. Organisations are turning to software partners to help them face these changes.

Through in-depth and qualitative research, an International Data Corporation (IDC) end-user report has evaluated the business-derived value of using IFS Enterprise Software, and how partners like IFS are accompanying businesses on their digital journey.

IFS solutions for your business

IFS Applications™ is an enterprise resource planning solution that provides full back-office financial capabilities to deliver visibility and automation. IDC interviewed IFS customers from various industries including aerospace and defence, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

These customers chose IFS for various reasons, including that the design supports complex operations, the provision of a common platform for data visibility, and the accessibility of real-time inventory information.

The study identified that IFS Applications users are 18% more productive. The ability to work faster and more efficiently with IFS software has enabled users to significantly improve their productivity levels, and key results from this study highlighted that IFS customers found:

  •    28% more work orders were completed
  •    14% faster delivery of orders/products
  •    21% faster budgetary cycled.

The study demonstrates how organisations across all verticals are being disrupted by technologies and how they can innovate in such competitive environments is becoming increasingly important. Often ERP solutions are recognised for their ability to help improve operational efficiencies, through resource optimisation and error reduction.

However, this IDC report shows that adaptive and customisable solutions can offer so much more. It was highlighted that the IFS ERP solution has helped to provide better sales team performance, increased customer deals, and improved customer retention.

IFS: Putting your customers first

Having a ‘customer first’ mind-set is vital to innovation within industries and customers are becoming more central to organisations throughout all verticals. Technology adoption brings with it the pressure to provide a better after sales service and a customised approach.

Digital environments now capture so much data that is it important for organisations to make this information available to the right people at the right time. IFS offer the ability to deal with complex products and systems, the availability of real-time insights and configurability for your unique industry and business.

Real-time data through the help of IFS has helped organisations to better address sales opportunities and deliver their goods in a more efficient way, helping increase overall revenue. All operational teams can benefit from the use of IFS, from field services, supply chain and manufacturing, through to finance and compliance teams.

Empower your business

With the help of improved processes and a better use of data, the entire business operation is enhanced. Whilst ERP solutions are often recognised for assisting with cost efficiencies, the use of IFS offers a significant opportunity for cost savings, with the IDC report suggesting IFS customers are saving upwards of $970,000 per year.

All industries are seeing a wave of disruption that demands organisations to innovate to keep up. Now businesses are turning to technology more than ever before to help them through their digital journey. The use of ERP solutions and technology are vital in helping businesses adapt to provide increased efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience.

IFS provides an adaptive, customisable approach, and the IDC report has demonstrated that IFS customers gain significant value from the enablement of an effective flow of data and information across their businesses. IFS has proven to be the ideal software partner to help businesses achieve their full potential.

IFS integration with Cedar Bay

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