Why Manufacturers Depend on Acumatica e-Book

Manage every aspect of your manufacturing business on a single ERP platform. Manufacturers sometimes struggle to connect siloed business applications. Limitations in their entry-level or legacy ERP systems force them to bolt-on applications to manage production scheduling, electronic commerce, warehouse operations, field services, marketing and sales, product configuration, engineering, quality, and other specialised business areas. This approach leads to unnecessary licensing costs and costly customisations that are difficult and expensive to maintain.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is an end-to-end manufacturing ERP solution with embedded and connected functionality for all parts of the manufacturing business. This e-Book provides guides you on how to:

  • Unify processes with a comprehensive system designed for your industry
  • Improve customer and user experience
  • Prepare for the factory of the future with a modern and extensible ERP platform
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