The Quartz Corp (TQC) is a supplier of high-purity Quartz products. Established in 2011 by a joint venture of its two parent companies, TQC boasts a global supply chain and customer base. They are a key provider of Quartz Sand for the solar, semiconductor and fibre optic markets.

As the company grew, the management team recognised that more control over their ERP solution was required: retrieving data was slow, visibility of results was poor, and the solution was designed for business requirements that differed from those of TQC. To tackle this challenge, TQC employed the help of Cedar Bay to embark on a data extraction and ‘Lift and Shift’ project. The goal of this project was to move their IFS Applications™ 7.5 solution from their corporate parent’s servers to the cloud.


In addition to the data extraction and ‘Lift and Shift’, there was a complete rewrite of the company’s customer facing reporting infrastructure. The company required a powerful reporting tool to simplify their reporting processes and get the information dispensed to all necessary stakeholders. This led to Cedar Bay recommending a switch from a legacy Stream Serve solution to Crystal Reports. With some company documentation emailed automatically, the Cedar Bay team set about to build custom events to make this new reporting tool work the same way, a challenging task, coupled alongside a heavily modified supply chain element of IFS Applications.

The Migration

The high level of collaboration between Cedar Bay and TQC led to the successful migration of all data to a fully hosted Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, with a new documentation reporting tool and a solution that was configured to their business requirements. By conducting a support on-boarding process, Cedar Bay were able to ensure that the team were confident in utilising their support package moving forward.

The Results

Whilst a challenging project, this ‘Lift and Shift’ has been highly rewarding for the team at TQC. The extensiveness of the project and the obstacles faced created many learning opportunities for the business. The cloud-hosted solution has provided TQC with a streamlined, agile and fully managed solution. As a company they have more control and visibility over their ERP solution, giving them the tools to help further advance their business.

Next Steps

This project has been the first step in The Quartz Corp’s ERP modernization journey. The learning experience and their fully managed cloud environment has set them up for the road ahead. We are excited to continue our partnership with them, and they look forward to seeing where ERP can take them next.

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