The challenge is on for selecting a new ERP… but where do I begin? If you find yourself asking this question, we can help get you on your way. Selecting an ERP solution that fits your business is a very important task to undertake. Follow our simple tips to start the selection process with confidence.

Steve Fletcher, Head of Acumatica Practice at Cedar Bay and Dave Whitfield, Industry Expert explore ERP selection in the video below. Take a look to find out more about discovering the best functional fit for your business!

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Now that you’ve watched the video, explore our top 4 tips from the specialists!

The video above summarizes the recommended methods of selecting ERP, so you can save time having to figure it all out!



1) Costs vs. Business Size

It is important to select a solution which is appropriate for your business size, as you could possibly end up paying higher implementation costs. Plus, the charges continue to rise every time you wish to upgrade. Therefore, it is important to understand what your provider can offer for your business size and industry. Ask as many questions as you possibly can! You can walk away feeling confident, knowing that the provider understands your spec. The consultants aim is to understand your current and desired processes and the software you require. That way you are granted a competitive edge.



2) Necessity of Modifications

Modifications are often encouraged by multiple consultants; however, we advise customers to try not to opt for modifications unless required for a competitive edge. The main reason being the more modifications a client gets, the harder it is to upgrade. It is best to keep it to a minimum or even chose to embed more products to make it is easier in the long run!



3) Industry Specialists

We would encourage your business to opt for a software provider that is able to specialise in your industry. A company which proves to be a functional fit will have a better understanding of your business needs and can adjust their services to help you meet your goals accordingly.



4) Thorough Research

There are plenty of good consultants who can assist you in picking the right package, however, ensure that you are not steered into the direction of their favourite solutions rather than what is the best fit for your company. Have a thorough look at the market and products available so you get the best possible use. Most modern solutions are sold through partners, so you could go online to match processes to see which is best for you. Another way you could research whether a provider is a functional fit for your company is by browsing the materials they share of work with existing clients, whether it be case studies, blog posts and much more!



Cedar Bay are ERP experts, we can help you choose the right platform for your business. It’s not just about us, but about your business and its goals.