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Optimising your use of IFS is about delivering continuous improvement throughout your business. We pride ourselves on clients realising the true value of their ERP solution. With our IFS consultancy, we can assist you in making the most out of your IFS investment through streamlining and simplifying your business processes around the use of IFS Applications. We understand that your business is constantly changing and that it will develop over time. Our team can help to create plans to support your business needs both now and into the future.


Our services can help you make the most from your IFS investment. Customers can feel ‚Äúimplementation fatigue‚ÄĚ after utilising lots of resources to complete the initial implementation. However, this stage is often the start of the journey, and many benefits can be created from the optimisation phase. We will support you throughout all phases of the IFS Roadmap. Working together we will plan later phases of the project, whilst highlighting secondary business objectives. This is to ensure you can continuously generate the most value for you customers.


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First Milk Upgrade to IFS Applications 10

Case Study

First Milk is a wholly British farmer-owned dairy co-operative with creameries based in the Lake District and South West Wales. The company produces award-winning cheddar, regional cheeses, dairy ingredients, and market fresh milk through collaborative milk sourcing and supply chain management services.

First Milk Cedar Bay Food And Beverage

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