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Streamlining your business processes through our Evolve Workshops ensures that your system requirements align effectively with your business goals. Our business experts utilise their industry experience to help you review your processes and consider best practices for your solution and your industry. From single processes to full business reviews, we can develop strategic plans to deliver real improvements for your business. Let us help you maximise the value of your investment.


Standing back and analysing your organisational processes can be a daunting task. Working in dynamic industries where your business is constantly evolving to suit customer requirements, means that your solution and associated systems can become diluted and sub-optimal. Our Evolve Workshops help drive change through review processes that can help develop strategies and improvement plans, making sure you get the most from your solution and the requirements of your customers are successfully met.


Yorktel Logo Testimonial

“Cedar Bay undertook a project to help us to investigate our global IFS roll out and upgrade options in order to consolidate our ERP systems under one IFS instance. Their excellent work helped us to define our IFS roadmap for the next 2-3 years. As an added bonus, many quick wins were identified

that delivered immediate benefits to the Yorktel business. It was a great experience working with Cedar Bay and we will be using them more as our plans are implemented.”

Joe-E Hu, Chief Information Officer at Yorktel

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Flamingo Flowers Ltd and their IFS Applications journey

Case Study

Flamingo Flowers is a core supplier to the leading UK multiple retailers in the Horticulture and Gifting category, based on deep and longstanding strategic partnerships and operating a high-volume business based on a perishable product. With Cedar Bay, Flamingo has the ability to understand and work in this environment.

Flamingo Flowers


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