We’re pleased to let you know we have two bonus webinars scheduled in over the next few weeks and we’d love it if you joined us!

First up we have a session hosted by Don Busakowski, where he’ll walk you through ’10 things you need to know about IFS costing’. He’ll provide insights into the world of costing, with real-life examples along the way. From cost templates and structures, to posting control, this session will shed some light on the complexities of costing. Why not join Don and see how many of his 10 key insights you can learn from?

Sign-up for this session here. 19th November, 4pm BST.

The second session will be hosted by Debbie Fink, where she’ll walk you through ‘The Power of Purchasing’. Join Debbie for this session to get a glimpse at how a unique set of capabilities can help you develop your purchasing process, such as supporting your strategic choice of suppliers, assortment, and markets.

Sign-up for this session here. 2nd December, 4pm BST.

If you’ve got any questions about these sessions, or you’d like to learn more but can’t make it on the day, get in touch with our team. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to always stay up to date with our latest webinars and events. You don’t want to miss out!