Is your legacy solution holding you back? Is your solution reaching end-of-life?

With so many changes and challenges thrown at manufacturers over the past few years, there’s been a real highlight on the need for flexibility within manufacturing organisations.

The world has changed greatly since you perhaps initially implemented your current solution, with cloud-first strategies and flexible working the norm. You may have found that when you first installed your current solution it did everything you needed it too. Yet, now as you’ve grown and times have changed, you’re looking for a platform that has more sophisticated functionality. A system that can give you better data insights, all within just one single solution.

Are you being held back?

Is your current solution hindering your ability to adapt to changing marketing conditions? Are you being held back from adapting your processes? Can you advance your operations successfully with your current solution?

Just like any other legacy solution, an outdated ERP platform, may not be able to support you on your digital transformation journey. Even worse it may hold you back from accelerating forward in times of change. To support business growth, a modern solution that can support your business both today and as you adapt and grow, is increasingly important.

Legacy solutions were not built with the challenges of today in mind, often meaning that they struggle to keep up with the demands of a modern-day organisation. With a newer version of an ERP solution, you’re able to connect your business operations and gain valuable insights and intelligence. Whereas legacy systems often struggle to keep up and reduce to your ability to respond and react to real-time information.

You might think that when your solution reaches end of life, that you can continue to use it, as it may still work just like it always has for your business. However, trying to support and update end-of-life systems often ends up being costly. Whereas when you invest in changing your solution, you can reap the benefits of a modernised IT infrastructure.

How can we help?

If you’re exploring the possibility of a new ERP solution, here at Cedar Bay we have years of experience helping manufacturing organisations gain better control and insights into their processes and operations. We pride ourselves on helping teams utilise technology, to reduce costs, improve visibility and maximise efficiency. We’ve helped customers in a variety of industries embark on their digital transformation journey. Whether that’s with Acumatica Cloud, or IFS Cloud ERP we can help you achieve more. Don’t get left behind with legacy solutions.

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