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Arcwide acquires Cedar Bay’s IFS division.


We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Cedar Bay’s IFS operations in the UK and USA by Arcwide, the joint venture of BearingPoint and IFS dedicated to the deployment of IFS Cloud services.


All Cedar Bay’s IFS business in the U.K. and the U.S. will be provided by Arcwide moving foorwards.


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Rest assured, this move enhances our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and the ethos between the two combined businesses will be one of customer focus and employee excellence.

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Working with your team we can scope; project manage and deliver the full IFS infrastructure and IFS Cloud configuration. We collaborate with clients on the delivery of many different IFS Consultancy projects across various industries. We determine the best-suited infrastructure for your business; this can be cloud-based, on-premise hardware, or a hybrid of both.


Alongside the IFS infrastructure, we can work with you to streamline and improve your supporting IT systems to identify opportunities for improvement, including cost reduction, from your networks to desktop deployments. With our wealth of experience in deployment cloud services, we can reduce the cost and management overheads of many supporting systems. We have specialist knowledge in cyber security and business continuity to ensure that we manage the risk through the IT environment.


«Cedar Bay nos ha proporcionado una «ventanilla única» para mover nuestros requisitos de TI e IFS de una estructura de TI centralizada a una descentralizada después de la adquisición. Combinan la experiencia en TI con la personalidad, proporcionando soluciones y servicios a un negocio en crecimiento donde la comprensión de los requisitos y presiones del cliente es crucial».

Debbie Burrows, Directora Financiera - CeramTec

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Transformación de la infraestructura informática de Sunflex

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