Join us for ‘The Art of the Possible’. Throughout 2021 we’ll be hosting webinar sessions on a variety of topics to help shine a light on a variety of topics. Our industry experts will provide an insight into different approaches and techniques to help you advance your way of working. Which sessions will you be signing up for?

World of Aurena: A Taster

On the 7th January 2021, Mish Akleker kicked off our ” The Art of the Possible” webinar series. She hosted a live demonstration and talked through the key features of Aurena. Catch-up here:
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Projects: A Guide to Better Control
27th January / 3pm GMT
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In this session Chris Anthony will show you how you can gain control of project materials and resources within IFS Applications. Covering inventory across multiple projects and owners, planning and tracking project resource and progress reporting of assigned tasks, Chris will be your guide to Projects within IFS Applications.


CRM: Tips & Tricks for an Integrated Solution
18th February / 3pm
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Join Jay Hopkinson as he helps you make sure you’re getting the most from your IFS Applications integrated CRM solution. Jay will provide you with tips and tricks, including how to best manage your pipeline, deal with lead generation, the best methods for data migration and sales quotations, alongside much more.


Planning, Inventory Replenishment and DDMRP
11th March / 3:30pm GMT
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Join Chris Anthony as he provides an insight into optimising inventory holding within IFS Applications. Chris will highlight areas including Inventory Planning and Replenishment (IPR) for distribution, strategic inventory in complex structures using MRP and DDMRP and the calculation of safety stocks.


IFS Infrastructure: Diffusing the Complexity
24th March / 3:30pm GMT
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Is the Cloud worth the investment? Should we always stick to what we’ve always had? What’s the future looking like for the modern end user? Join Neil as he answers these questions and discusses the various options available to manage, deploy and deliver a secure, scalable solution – diffusing the complexity of your IFS infrastructure.


Life Sciences: Validation Package
28th April / 4pm GMT
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As the Life Sciences Partner for IFS Applications in the UK and USA, Robert Freeman will guide you through Cedar Bay’s approach to working in a strictly controlled environment such as those regulated by the FDA and MHRA. Robert will discuss our Validation Pack/Accelerator as well as utilising IFS Applications extensibility to enable best practices.


Servitisation: Supporting External Engineers
19th May / 3:30pm GMT
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Servitisation is the new buzz word in the ERP space, driving additional revenues from after sales service. IFS is a leader in supporting your engineers in the field. In this session Asanka will look at how IFS Applications can support your workforce in the field and provide visibility and integration of their work across the business.


HR: Maximising Performance
9th June / 3:30pm GMT
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Join Rachael Eyrena as she shows you how to transform your traditional Human Resources administrative function in IFS Applications, to help you become more productive and profitable. Do you have a strategy to maintain employee performance? Do you manage and evaluate your employees time? Rachael will show you how to do these effectively and develop employee capability, in just one system.



We look forward to seeing you there!