We’ve just hosted our ‘Power of Purchasing’ webinar, did you join us? If you didn’t make it on the day we’ve got a recording now available for you to catch up.

What was included?

Debbie Fink, hosted this bonus webinar session to provide some insights into the world of purchasing and to show you the power that purchasing can bring to your business. In this session Debbie shows you how IFS capabilities can help develop your purchasing process and how it can help support your choice of suppliers, providing you with more information and increased visibility. This session covers various benefits of the purchasing module, including authorization levels, change management, supply chain management and automatic reminders and notifications. A great session to gain an understanding of the true power that purchasing can bring.

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Want to find out more?

If you watched the original session, or you’ve caught up, please get in touch with any questions, or if you would like to learn more about the topic our team will be happy to help you out.


We have hosted a number of webinars over the last few months and these are all available throughout our Info Hub on the website, so please take a look. If there are any other topics you’d like to see a similar session on, we’d love to hear your suggestions.