Our guide to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can be complex to understand. However, they’re powerful platforms that can support your business in its growth plans and aspirations and utilising them can be key to your success. They act as the glue that binds together different elements of your organisation, and encourages the flow of data between all departments, helping reduce data duplication and increase reporting capabilities.

What exactly is an ERP?

The easiest way to define an Enterprise Resource Planning solution is to think about all the things a company needs to be able to run successfully. Think of it as the nervous system of a business. From finance, to HR, supply chain and procurement, there are so many different processes that a successful business needs to be able to run efficiently. With an ERP you can effectively manage all of these individual processes in one integrated system, ensuring consistency, productivity and efficiency. Gone are the days of having different systems for different tasks.

Teamwork To Help Erp Projects

Why select an ERP?

An ERP differs from other business solutions and tools, because of how it integrates with all parts of your business. You no longer work in silos. With automation, integration and intelligence gained from utilising an ERP, you can more effectively run your essential day to day operations. Gaining a single source of the truth, with all departments and activities being run from one central solution, you have a clearer picture of your business in its entirety.

With an ERP you can run your logistics effectively, delivering the right products to the right clients at the right time. You can pay your suppliers at the right stage. You can have a single hub for all of your customer contacts. Your staff can monitor their holiday allowance. Every team can drill down into their data for deeper insights.

Here are just some advantages of opting for an ERP solution:

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Better decision making
  • Reduced risk of human-error
  • Improved inventory control
  • Maximized employee efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Making inventory simple with ERP


5 reasons you need an ERP

How to select the right ERP solution?

Here at Cedar Bay we have years of experience working with a variety of industries to help businesses implement the right ERP solution for them. We think that growing businesses should all have access to an ERP solution that can support their specific business needs. That’s why we partner with both IFS and Acumatica. These partnerships allow us to bring two products to market. We appreciate that moving to a new solution, particularly one that will impact multiple departments within your organisation, is a big decision. However, we believe that the value an ERP can bring to your business is unmatched.

Building Growth With Erp

Acumatica Cloud ERP

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The perfect solution for small-medium sized businesses. Acumatica offers a business management solution that is affordable, flexible and scalable. A fully integrated business management solution with Industry Editions, ensuring you get what’s most suitable for your business. As an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner we’re in the perfect position to help you take the next step on your digital transformation journey.

IFS Cloud

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IFS Cloud offers a large breadth of functionality, perfect for larger businesses. As an IFS Gold Channel Partner, we can help you through the entire journey with IFS, from implementation, through to support and optimisation. With full flexibility, scalability and increased customisation, IFS can help you manage even the most complex of operations. What are you waiting for?

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