Health Checks

Health Checks are a vital way that we can help to review business processes and make the most of your investment in IFS
  • IFS Health Checks

    If your organisation has been running IFS Applications for a number of years, it’s almost certain that the business has changed during that time and subsequently your use of IFS may not be fully optimised. Organisations implementing ERP solutions, such as IFS, can become stuck in their ways of working as over a period of time the core IFS knowledge is diluted.


    Cedar Bay can offer a fresh set of expert eyes to review your current processes with a view to offering alternatives or better ways to use IFS Applications in the future.


    Depending on the exact remit, experienced consultants will review your business and can offer advice in all areas of your business, from finance, engineering, sales, purchasing, inventory management through to shipment and invoice. In addition to these functional areas, we also offer advice on smart ways to use technology and hardware to help optimise your workforce.



    Contact us to discuss how you can gain more benefits from your existing IFS solution.