Our team have all worked with IFS Applications for many years. During that time we have worked with many different customer types and in many international regions.
  • Consulting Services

    Our consulting services division grew from our data capture customers recognising that Cedar Bay’s extensive knowledge of “real life” manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance and engineering put us in an excellent position to start providing consultancy services to IFS customers.


    Cedar Bay have growth their business to provide all aspects of consultancy from strategic reviews to technical consultancy


    Why are Cedar Bay different?


    Many businesses offering consulting services today are really offering Application Consultancy, where their consultants will teach you how to use the IFS Application™.


    Cedar Bay are different, combining Application Consultancy with Business Consultancy drawing on our experience of implementing both IFS Applications™ and other well-known ERP solutions. Also drawing on real life experience gained across many different business types (Batch Manufacturing, High Volume Manufacturing, Food Production, Automotive, Engineering, Facilities Management and Medical).


    Consulting Services


    All of our consultants come from industry so have years of experience to draw on. Our Consulting objective is ensure that our customers are directed towards using the IFS Functionality that delivers the most benefit, be that improved traceability, improved Stock Control, better Financial reporting, etc.


    Cedar Bay can offer Consulting Services most areas of IFS but some key areas we focus on are as follows;

    • Technical Consulting – Data Migration, IFS Securities, Report writing, IFS Extensibility™ (Custom fields, Custom Views, Custom Events and Custom Logical Units).
    • Financial Consultancy – 360° Financial Consultancy including General Ledger, AP (Accounts Payable), AR (Accounts Receivable), Cashbook and Tax Ledger.  Support for the “Procure to Payment process” and the “Sales Order to Payment” process.
    • Engineering Consultancy – IFS Project, IFS PDM, IFS Project Delivery and IFS Document Management.
    • Project Management – Project Management for the implementation of IFS Applications™, IFS Upgrades or IFS Consultancy for general business change management.
    • Supply Chain – IFS Sales, IFS Purchase and IFS Inventory including “Inter-site” and “Intra-site”. Strategic Direction – Our experienced Project Management resources can help guide a business safely towards their end goal, helping to avoid obstacles and smooth out the journey.
    • Manufacturing and Planning – MRP/MPS with the planning and scheduling processes associated with manufacturing and distribution environments.




    Contact us to discuss how you can gain more benefits from your existing IFS solution.