Did you watch our ‘Just in Time & Lean Manufacturing’ webinar?

As a part of our World Class Manufacturing series, Chris Anthony, Supply Chain Consultant and Roger Teagle, CEO and Founder, came together to cover Just in Time & Lean Manufacturing from an ERP perspective. You can watch the recording of the session by clicking the link below.

Just in Time and Lean Manufacturing Webinar Watch Here

What was included in the session?

Chris begins by touching on lean foundations and the importance of a focused lean effort. He runs you through some of the key elements in an ERP system and specifically the elements available within IFS that should be included in any Lean considerations within your business. Chris reviews the planning considerations in detail, and explains the importance of planning factors within a lean approach. He looks at replenishment strategies and includes a section on Kanban controls. Often factory improvements can overlook the importance of the supporting data and the ERP system can often put obstacles in the way of an effective solution. Chris demonstrates ways in which you can overcome these obstacles and successfully take a lean approach within your business. He also highlights how the use of our CB Apps Data Capture solution can support you in adopting a lean approach.

Interested in seeing more?

If you enjoyed this session, Chris has already hosted a session covering Demand Planning and Scheduling. Watch the recording here. We also have plenty of other recordings available within the Info Hub of other webinars we’ve hosted within this series.

Don’t forget we still have some sessions left within the World Class Manufacturing Series, as well as some Data Capture masterclasses. Check them out and sign-up here. We look forward to you joining us and hope you’ve enjoyed the sessions so far!