Hardware Selection

The huge number of choices around which hardware to select can be a challenge for some businesses. Our hardware experts will work with your international teams to guide and advise on the best hardware for your resources.
  • Hardware selection

    We help our customers navigate the complex world of mobile and data capture hardware selection for commercial and industrial environments. Combining a wealth of industry knowledge with an in-depth understanding of the hardware market, we are able to deliver the best advice to our customers. Some of our customers have simple requirements, but some have more complex requirements.



    Handheld Devices.

    Complex devices requirements like being able to work in wet, cold and dark conditions can be found using our hardware experts.

    Additionally we offer advise on operating system choice (Windows, Windows Mobile, Android and iOS) and In-Premise/Off-Site hardware options.



    Printers and Media (labels).

    There are many different combinations of printer and media that can be used to deal with different working conditions. Our experts can offer advise on the printer and media choices that are available today.