Oil & Gas

For businesses working in the Oil and Gas sector there are a number of key areas. Real time visibility of operational and project progress/costs are essential, but in the Harsh environments that Oil and Gas operators often find themselves in, simplicity and mobility are often key too.
  • Oil & Gas and Asset Intensive Industries


    Modern technologies now mean that we can mobilise the workforce giving them the ability to transact in real time using handheld devices.


    Cedar Bay have worked in the Oil and Gas sector for a number of years now and have delivered a number of transactions designed to improve the way operators in this sector perform their tasks. Often Oil and Gas companies need a combination of asset tracking and project based functionality. We have a large number of Work order based transactions for service and maintenance


    When looking at ways to improve a task in this sector we seek to;

    • Simplify Combine multiple steps into a single transaction
    • Increase Accuracy Introducing appropriate validation checks
    • Mobilise – Give the workforce appropriate Mobile equipment
    • Real Time Reporting Transact immediately to remove any delays in reporting


    The above approach ensures that key transactional data held in IFS Applications is always up to date.