In addition to the support Cedar Bay can give to all the usual cost and tracking functions, for Medical companies being able to Track materials (Raw and Finished Goods) and have in place an appropriate Quality Assurance and Validation approach is essential.
  • Medical


    Raw Materials and Manufactured parts need to be fully traceable. Quality Assurance checks need to be performed where appropriate.


    Having worked with a number of Medical companies who use IFS Applications, we have developed a number of mobile transactions that support your Traceability and Quality Assurance requirements.


    Our standard solution includes Lot/Batch enabled mobile transaction that support the Goods In, Inventory Management, Shop Order and Customer Order functional areas.


    Additionally we have transactions to support the simple execution of Register Inspection Results and Control Plans.


    Our built in labelling solution fully supports bar coding so that downstream transactions are very simple to execute.


    When looking at ways to improve a production related task we seek to;

      • Simplify Combine multiple steps into a single transaction.
      • Increase Accuracy Introducing appropriate validation checks
      • Mobilise Give the workforce appropriate Mobile equipment
      • Real Time Reporting Transact immediately to remove any delays in reporting


    The above approach ensures that production related data held in IFS Applications is always up to date.


    Click the image below to see how we implemented in a regulated environment with one of the IFS Applications 9 early adopters, Kimal.