Manufacturing & Distribution

In the Manufacturing and Distribution world it’s key that all parts of the business have access to up to date and accurate information, be it “Goods in” related information about raw materials being delivered or “Shipment” related information related to an outgoing Customer Order.
  • Manufacturing & Distribution


    Cedar Bay have worked for many years with businesses in this sector, providing mobile transactions designed to make Production, Inventory and Shipment tasks simpler and more accurate.


    Our focus is to ensure that every step in the Manufacturing and Distribution process is simplified and improved to a point where mistakes are virtually non-existent and processes flow naturally.


    When looking at ways to improve a Manufacturing or Distribution related task we seek to;

    • Simplify Combine multiple steps into a single transaction.
    • Increase Accuracy Introducing appropriate validation checks
    • Mobilise Give the workforce appropriate Mobile equipment
    • Real Time Reporting Transact immediately to remove any delays in reporting
    • Enhance the IFS functionality for example to provide support for pallets and building of shipments.


    The above approach ensures that Manufacturing and Distribution related data held in IFS Applications is always up to date.