Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industries have many of the same challenges as other sectors but often the key focus is capturing the traceability information in a very high volume production environment and managing shipment and distribution effectively.
  • Food & Beverage


    During the manufacturing process it’s essential that there are simple ways to record the Lot/Batches of the Raw Materials that are being consumed by Production and also simple to identify and record the Lot/Batches of the Finished Goods that are being produced. How these relate to the pallets produced and tracking their destination is key so that in the event of a recall the damage and cost can be limited. See the section on traceability to see more details


    A number of IFS customers in this sector are using Cedar Bay to make their production processes more efficient. With the Cedar Bay solution you can use touchscreens and tablets to use for end of line transactions to record production, time information and print labels with a single button press


    The standard Cedar Bay solution includes Lot/Batch enabled mobile transaction that support the Goods In, Inventory Management, Shop Order and Customer Order functional areas. Our built in labelling solution fully supports bar coding so that downstream transactions are very simple to execute.


    When looking at ways to improve a production related task we seek to;

    • Simplify Combine multiple steps into a single transaction.
    • Increase Accuracy Introducing appropriate validation checks
    • Mobilise Give the workforce appropriate Mobile equipment
    • Real Time Reporting Transact immediately to remove any delays in reporting
    • Connectivity to machines and devices to capture data automatically can help streamline the processes.