Engineering and Projects

A successful Engineering organisation needs to know real time the status of its project activities, costs and deliveries. Cedar Bay solutions allow the project workforce to collect this information simply in real time using handheld devices.
  • Engineering and Projects


    Cedar Bay have worked in the Engineering sector for many years and have developed/delivered a number of transactions designed to improve the way project related tasks are performed.


    When looking at ways to improve a project related task we seek to;


    • Deliver efficiency savings by providing streamlined transactions to track inventory and collect cost information within the projects
    • Increase accuracy by introducing appropriate validation checking.
    • Provide real time visibility of inventory to improve planning and control
    • Real Time Reporting to immediately update project costs and status.
    • Support to streamline Manufacturing, Receiving, Quality processes, (click on these to see more details)
    • Allow photographs to be captured on mobile devices and uploaded directly to IFS to aid communication and problem solving.
    • Provide support for service and repair by streamline data capture within work orders.


    See the Partner brochure below for information on a project implementation at GEA Pharma.