Provide your customers with a web portal to label their goods including 2D bar codes to streamline your receiving process.
  • vPrint from Cedar Bay

    The Cedar Bay vPrint solution is a hosted Web-application that will simplify your purchased goods receiving process by simplifying the data entry into IFS Applications. This will ensure that all items received into your  warehouse are clearly marked with easy to read labels. Your suppliers are able to pre-generate labels that are guaranteed compatible with your IFS Application. The solution is designed so that your suppliers can use standard office equipment. vPrint will allow you to confirm PO receipts with the single scan of a bar-code. Benefits of using Cedar Bay’s vPrint solution include;


    • Streamline – Simplify your Goods-In receiving process
    • Guaranteed unique labels – clearly identified stock
    • Single-scan PO receipt – accurate data entry
    • Compatible with either pallets or containers
    • Total security for your IFS Applications database
    • Your vPrint is tailored to you, page title and branding
    • Secure – Your suppliers only see their own Purchase Order lines




    Above is an example of a vPrint label printed by your supplier. If you scan the 2D Data Matrix bar code in the top right hand corner you can execute the Purchase Order Receipt using Cedar Bay Applications and a single scan of your bar code reader.