Addovation (our partners) provide a suite of products that allow you to better integrate Microsoft applications to speed up extraction and upload of data to and from IFS.
  • Addovation - Simplify, Automate and Integrate

    Work in IFS Applications through Microsoft Office

    We’ve made all IFS Document Management functions available in the worlds most favorited tools – Microsoft Office! You can read all about it in IFS Applications for MS Office & Adobe.



    Use Excel to update IFS Applications

    Wouldn’t you like to connect Excel to IFS Applications, and extract information, present it nicely, add your own calculations, validate the data, and then update the information right back into IFS Applications? Our Power Tools solutions for Smart Data Management lets you do just that!


    Create your own tailored IFS reports in Excel, in 1-2-3

    Reporting from IFS Applications has never been easier. Read more about the possibilities and how easy it is in our section for Reporting.


    Simplify, Automate, and Integrate

    Why do things manually? Why not simplify a process and automate the boring and time consuming tasks? Our Server Solutions is dedicated to do just that – simplify, automate and integrate.



    Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.