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Track cost and status of maintenance processes by allowing engineers to simply collect time and materials
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    Today, Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Technicians are under pressure to deliver on many fronts. Not only do they have to quickly and efficiently repair and maintain the equipment within their organisation, they also have to ensure they quickly report their findings and actions. Cedar Bay have extended their transaction set to include a number or Work Order related transactions that are designed to ensure IFS is updated with the latest Work Order related information and also to make the technician more effective by giving them access to useful information in real time.


    Below is a summary of the current Cedar Bay Work Order related transactions.


    Work Order Enquiry

    This simple enquiry transaction will give the operator all the details they need about any Work Order. Using this transaction the operator can scan a Work

    Order and view information related to the Work Order Status, Asset, reported Fault, planned materials and planned operations.

    Work Order – Asset Trace

    This transaction allows the Technician to find all active and historical Work Orders related to a specific Asset Id.

    Work Order – Create New Work Order

    TThis mobile transactions allows a Technician to simply create a Work Order on discovery of a fault while out in the field. This transaction allows the operator to enter the Asset information and some basic information related to what they have found.


    The Maintenance Management team can then schedule the Work Order based on the information added at the point of Work Order creation.

    Work Order – Add Material

    This transaction allows a Planner or a Technician to add materials to an existing Work Order.


    Work Order – Pick List

    This transaction allows the operator to easily pick the planned materials that have been reserved on a Work Order.


    Work Order Material Requisition – Un-Issue

    Using this transaction issued materials that were not actually required can be un-issued from the Work Order and simply returned to Inventory.


    Work Order – Change Status

    The Technician can update the status of a Work Order at any time ensuring the Work Order in IFS Applications is always u to date.


    Work Order Update

    This multi-functional transaction is designed to give the Technician the ability to update IFS Applications with real time information showing the progress of the Work Order.


    The Technician can report a status change (e.g. Started), Report Time, report closing statements like Free Notes, Class, Type and Work Details.