Project Engineering

Provide real time information for your project costs to manage stock and time spent
  • Product Focus - Projects


    Many IFS customers use the IFS Project functionality to drive Engineering, Construction and Implementation projects. Cedar Bay have developed a number of project centric transactions that are designed to simplify some tasks that have to be performed when a business is using IFS Project.


    Project Time Registration

    This transaction allows operators to scan a Project Activity Sequence and report time with a comment.

    This transaction has been created to simplify the process of receiving a project driven part into Arrivals.

    This simple transaction seamlessly executes the Purchase Order receipt into Arrivals, Moves the part into Inventory and then issues the part to the relevant Project Activity. Automatic printing of a label containing project related information is included.


    Move from Arrivals or QA (with issue to Project)

    This transaction simplifies the issuing of purchased parts to a project activity.

    Using this transaction the operator can move a part from an Arrival or QA location into Inventory and then seamlessly issue the part to a Project Activity


    Project Inventory Transfer

    When you need to move a part from normal inventory to project Inventory this standard Cedar Bay transaction can be used.


    Project Pick List

    This standard transaction allows the operator to execute the picks on a Project driven pick list. The principles behind this project driven transaction are the same as when picking for a Customer Order or a Shop Order.


    Project Un-Issue

    This transaction is designed to help operators to simply and accurately return un-used parts back to Inventory.


    Photo – Project Activity

    Cedar Bay have a photo transaction that allows an operator to simply take a photo of something using a handheld device, check the document into IFS Document management and then connect the Document Management record to a Project Activity. Ideal for project related photo’s.