Mobility & Apps

Cedar Bay have been in the forefront of using the latest technology to collect and record data in mobile environments. We can help gain visibility and vital information from outside of your premises to help you best serve your customers.
  • Mobility & Apps

    Because of the leading edge architecture all of the standard Cedar Bay transactions can run on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows mobile operating systems. This allows tablets, phones, and specific devices to all be used to collect and deliver data using mobile or Wi-Fi networks.


    For off-line and more specific requirements Cedar Bay are IFS Global Touch apps partners, this enables us to deploy solutions using the IFS Framework and use the Cloud based security levels and connections back to your IFS instance. This can be deployed in a public or private cloud.


    For further capability Cedar Bay can also deploy their own off line mobile apps within their own framework if the Touchapp framework does not meet our customers’ requirements.