Cedar Bay implement IFS Applications internally

Posted: October 4th, 2018

With the continual growth of our business, 2018 has already proven to be a busy and successful year for Cedar Bay.  As IFS Channel and Service Partners, our experience in implementing large-scale ERP solutions and long-held expertise in manufacturing and supply chain enables us to deliver the best solutions for IFS customers. Beyond our services capability we are global experts in data capture and our solutions provide our customers with the ability to meet ever-changing business needs, and to respond quickly to market changes and achieve improved business performance. Improved performance isn’t just for our customers however: this year, we reviewed our current business processes here at Cedar Bay – as we continually look to improve our own performance, as well as that of our customers. The decision was taken to implement IFS ApplicationsTM 9  internally and we have subsequently become the first IFS Partner in the UK to do so.


The desire and objectives follow what we see with many of our customers when they first implement IFS. Cedar Bay is part of a group of UK based IT companies who deliver solutions to customers from infrastructure, managed services, support, data capture and process automation through to full ERP implementation. In addition to this Cedar Bay had taken over its distributor in the US to improve its service to its customers. The group had grown quickly and had many disparate systems and the time had come to have a single solution which integrated all aspects of the business. Some people might think that the decision to use IFS is not the obvious choice but for us it provided a great platform to support the planned growth of the business.


Whilst the business is not big in IFS terms it is surprisingly complex. There is also a lot of interaction between the group companies and making these processes efficient took some work.


Image: Roger Teagle, Director of Cedar Bay (Europe) and Paul Massey, Managing Director IFS Europe West 


Phase 1 of the project saw the transition to using IFS in a number of key areas:


  • IFS Financials implemented, including moving all of the supporting processes onto IFS.
  • Customer Quotations and Orders are used for all fixed elements of work
  • Project functionality is used to track all consultancy work is captured and invoiced against customer projects.
  • Expense reporting is all done within IFS and all receipts are scanned and saved with expense sheets. This then goes through approval loops to the finance team for authorisation.
  • Service Contracts have been implemented to track and generate annual and monthly billing for support services for Cedar Bay software and first line support for IFS.
  • CRM to enable us to track communication with prospects and customers. This has then allowed us to use the Customer 360 to provide the Cedar Bay team with a real time view of activities taking place for our customers RM
  • Creation of lobbies and GL reporting to provide the management reports straight from IFS without intervention


Key Benefits in Implementing IFS for Cedar Bay


  • Single set of data and better visibility of projects and activities across the business.
  • Reduction in spreadsheets and re-keying across disparate systems.
  • Easier and faster reporting across the business, using Lobbies and Power BI reporting
  • Integrated expenses entry streamlining the process within the business and massively improves visibility and reduces paperwork.
  • Extensive use of document management to manage key project documents within IFS
  • The mobility of an integrated solution allows for a centralised system that can be accessed anywhere anytime.
  • The knowledge of IFS and what it delivers for our customers has greatly improved throughout the whole company


What Cedar Bay aims to achieve with the use and further use of IFS:


The next phase is to implement Call Management to help manage our support activities for our customers. We plan to add our own portal as a user friendly front end to the IFS functionality.

In addition to that we will implement the HR module to further reduce the number of disparate systems and points data is held.


How we can help you.


Our team of consultants have been working with our customers for many years to deliver service to help our customers extend and enhance their use of IFS. Our practical knowledge and real-world business experience enable us to rapidly deliver business benefits to our customers. Please contact us to find out more.