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Introduction from Cedar Bay and IFS

Let me first express my thanks to Aimia Foods Limited for giving IFS from Cedar Bay the opportunity to put forward a viable long-term partnership. Honesty, trust and respect are the founding qualities of any enduring partnership, and I’m certain that these qualities will prevail as our discussions with you continue. Aimia are precisely the ambitious,product and customer focused business that we want to partner with. At Cedar Bay, we get satisfaction from delivering project outcomes that make our clients more successful. We do this by leveraging the superior capabilities of the IFS Cloud ERP solution and combining it with years of accrued experience, smart technology choices and a deep understanding of our clients’ business.


A solution that helps you meet your goals

At Aimia we believe this will deliver full end to end solution that not only meets the critical needs of a manufacturing business, but also gives you world class capabilities in other key areas such as; Product Development, manufacturing, advanced forecasting and planning, warehousing, pricing and customer service, finance, procurement and of course end to end quality and traceability.


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Partnering with Cedar Bay


Our philosophy is to help customers to grow profitably without losing any of the DNA that makes them competitive in the market. Central to this is an approach that transfers application knowledge and allows our customers to be masters of their own destiny. We want you to get the full benefit of the IFS integrated business management platform, with Cedar Bay as your partner. We look forward to working with you over the coming weeks of your selection process and then, hopefully, the coming years as a long term partner. If I can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Steven Barr–Head of Sales

07764 565565


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Aimia Foods

Designed for Food & Beverage Manufacturers


Change comes from all angles: you can only respond quickly with end-to-end visibility of your manufacturing process. Businesses are needing to adapt to market changes, responding to transparency, sustainability and authenticity demands. Those businesses which succeed in producing responsible, honest products are set to excel in their marketplace, whilst those who don’t risk losing out to their competition.


Uncover how IFS Cloud has been designed to help the needs of the food and beverage industry in today’s challenging environment.


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How can you differentiate yourself as a business? How do you stand out? IFS Cloud has been built to help.

IFS Cloud aims to help you achieve your perfect moment of service. Providing an easier path to digital transformation, IFS Cloud helps you orchestrate your customers, your people and your assets as your business grows, delivering your Moment of Service.


This is IFS Cloud.

Mademoiselle Desserts Implement IFS Applications 10

Case Study

Mademoiselle Desserts Implement IFS Applications 10 with Cedar Bay to help them streamline their processes and provide real time visibility across their business. In common with many ERP implementations MMD wanted to streamline processes and provide real time visibility across their business to enable the Senior Leadership team to make more informed decisions to run the business. All three sites were running on different systems for the processing and management of data and had a lack of visibility throughout their facilities on what was happening in real-time.

Mademoiselle Desserts Implement Ifs Applications 10

IFS Customer Spotlights….

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Pukka Pies Case Study


Silvermill Group Of Companies

Silver Mill Case Study


Innovation is key to KLN Family Brands  and innovation demands quick response times and fast implementation. KLN had leveraged IFS  to help improve efficiencies and support their growth, utilising Cedar Bay’s experience and expertise to implement CB Digital Factory; utilising our Transaction Builder and data capture technologies to advance their IFS soltuion.


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